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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women in Start-Ups!

About a month ago I attended a panel discussion on Women in Start-Ups. Below you'll find my notes:

Speaker- Jennifer Fleiss
Project: Rent the Runway Link HERE
Methodology: Go-Getter-Implementation-Executive
  • team of 13
  • timeline: before graduation to get funding
  • focused on women behavior as a selling point for funding
  • "the feeling they get when they try one the dress"
  • not a product company
  • looking for other women that know how to program and code (HTML).
  • project has been running for 2 years
  • always wanted to be an entrepreneur
  • Was featured on Gossip Girl
Speaker- Marissa Evans
Project (Founder): Go Try It On Link HERE
Methodology: Do the job you have before you have it!
  • Operating since 2009
  • Foursquare
  • blog: tech crunch
  • south by southwest (don't remember what this was about either)
  • deadlines are absolutely necessary
  • always asking herself "what would I wear?"
  • online-offline
Speaker: Gauri Manglik
Project (co-founder and CEO): Spot On Bio LINK to be useful HERE
Methodology: Learn faster than what you have to
  • "Space is becoming more important."
  • tech crunch
  • iPhone tools doing things they hadn't done before
Speaker: Alexis
Project (Founder and CEO): Aut Faciam (Latin) Link HERE
Methodology: Untapped need for something...it will take off!
  • iPhone developer
  • Girl develop Program (they give classes in NYC-Link HERE)
  • focus on bringing women into the field
  • blog everything you do
  • learn to code (don't give up!)
Overarching themes:
  • Get on twitter
  • optimism
  • going to meet-ups
  • XKCD (funny site-Link HERE)
I've recently had this strong desire to learn how to code. Let me know if you'd be interested in taking some classes with me! It would be great to have a partner. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The One Year Itch

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina." -Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

Since I got a taste of leaving San Diego back in 2007, I have had a hard time settling down in one place. Since '07 I have lived in LA for a year and half, San Diego for another year and half, and now I've been living here in NY for a year. I'm beginning to get that itch again. I long to be back in San Diego with my family, my little Roxy, my Gf's and Bf's, and everything that defines and is SoCal. Although, I must admit that I don't know if my nostalgia stems from the fact that I've been having a hard time for the past 2-3 weeks nailing down an apartment in Bushwick (the neighborhood that I've grown to love for all it is and all it is not).

Apple-G realty has given both, my roommate and I, a very hard time in securing the apartment. I have already given a $560 deposit, and my roommate has already given them $170 for the application process. Our parents are co-signers and they have requested everything and anything imaginable to make sure that we will be suitable candidates for their luxurious apartment complex. The amenities are off the chain: central air, doorman, rooftop access, laundry on-site, recreation center, and etc. OFF THE CHAIN, I tell you. But at this point, I rather just move on and secure an apartment else where before September 1st, since my apartment has already been rented (smh). I will be homeless! YES! HOMELESS!!!

Nevertheless, the itch has returned. NY is a tough city. No doubt about that. It's abusive and ungrateful for all that you do for it. Cali on the other hand, always treated me with respect. Uncertainty gives me a stomach ache. I don't know what direction to take...even in regards to jobs. I'm contemplating pursuing a job in the corporate world, or sticking to teaching (familiar territory)? I wish someone would just tell me what to do! And will I, also, be returning to SD (or Cali in general) or will I go somewhere else, or will I stay in NY!? I DON'T KNOW!

Maybe September will give me a clearer perspective. Maybe I just need to go to the Cape Labor Day Weekend with the girls at the end of the month? Maybe, I should finish my paper that's due tomorrow!? Or maybe...I should just suck it up and quit being such a freaking baby about everything!?

This next semester I will be D-O-N-E with my units for my degree. After that, I will only need to finish writing my thesis. I'm registered for a Thesis writing course, and a Methods of Interpreting Popular Culture with prof. Marita Sturken (former USC professor, now the chair of our department...looking for a recommendation letter...PhD at USC...MAYBE!). Other projects are in the works. I'll be attending 3 conferences this semester as well, meaning that I'll be traveling quite a bit. Might be catching a Charger game with Stud Muff in Denver come October. I'll be going to Mazatlan for a wedding with my Nino late October also... It'll be a busy semester.

I gotta find a hobby/job, STAT.